News » 2019, Year of Renewable Energy Investments in Romania

2019, Year of Renewable Energy Investments in Romania

Analysts specialized in energy field say that 2019 could be the year of renewable energy investments (solar, photovoltaic, geothermal, biomass, biogas, cogeneration, hydropower, wind power, etc.).


SOLAR. The strongest argument it is given by the latest legislation, which is now in force and will stimulate the appearance of prosumers (the homeowners who will produce electricity on their house roofs' and the surplus will be injected into the grid against a fee) through this being created a critical mass of producers in the context of continuously energy increasing prices.

BIOENERGY. Energy efficiency through bioenergy (biomass, biogas, cogeneration, energy from waste)

HYDROPOWER.  Hidroelectrica company ( 6, 444 MW ) recently announced an investment plan of 5.56 billion lei for the next 5 years. According to the Hidroelectrica management, investments are related to refurbishment, upgrading, maintenance, portfolio expansion, etc.
WINDENERGY. The existing wind farms in Romania (3,105 MW) attract new operating and maintenance systems.
As Romania is predicted to follow the world’s trend, it is clear that we also have to take important steps in this direction, especially since our country has a huge potential in almost all forms of renewable energy.
This great business opportunity could support Romania's economic growth registered in the previous years.
 Why analysts bet on Renewables?
1.     Much lower costs, especially for solar energy. Over the past 10 years, costs have been constantly fallen by more than 60% and are continuing to decrease.
2.    The cost of energy will continue to have one trend: rising.
3.     Workforce. At present, around 10 million people work in the field of renewable energy and their number will continue to increase, according to analysts.
4.     The batteries’ technologies development. Increasing storage capacity while lowering batteries’ prices will give a new impulse to invest. Technologies are rapidly advancing in other areas, such as BMS, electric cars, etc.
5.     Climate change - also manifested in Romania - has come to seriously worry the governments of Western states. It is clear that pollution has to be reduced in an accelerated way. And in Romania, the new growth drivers must be related to sustainable energy, waste management, electric cars, etc.

How to Take Advantage of Renewables
By participating at the RoEnergy International Trade Fair (exhibition, conferences, roundtables, workshop, etc.), at the 8th edition, April 17-19, 2019, you can join those who are promoting the sustainable energy, RoEnergy being the No.1 Trade Fair on renewable energy in Romania.
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