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Exihibitor Advantages

RoEnergy South East Europe Bucharest 2019

What you will win if you come at RoEnergy Trade Fair 2019 South-East Europe / Bucharest / Romania

Ten reasons for you to be present at the Trade Fair:

1. Get in touch with new customers

2. Extend and consolidate existing contacts

3. Become known in Romania and the surrounding areas

4. Find out who and what is new in this domain - exchange know how

5. Are among the firsts to invest in Romania

6. Study the competition

7. Discover weaknesses and good points of the area

8. Meet experts from Romania

9. Get in touch with potential partners or prospective employees

10.You will test your capacity to be present on another market

RoEnergy South-East Europe 2019 comprises:

A specialized International Trade Fair and Conferences of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, where countries from East meet with the offer from the West Europe.

The entire program of the Trade Fair RoEnergy was designed to satisfy the most demanding requirements, being based on the exhibitors' expectations, according to surveys conducted from the companies’ registrations, with the maximum interest and current issues.

Exceptionally advertised in S-E Europe.

Why Romania

Ten reasons to invest in Romania

1. The biggest wind energy potential in S-E Europe (source: Erste Bank study), according to which areas of Dobrogea, Constanta and Tulcea are ranking second in Europe in terms of the ideal location for buiding wind farms, wind potential estimated by the experts at approx. 14000 MW.

2. High potential for solar energy production in the S-E part of Romania . The first area, which includes areas with the highest solar potential is in Dobrogea and the Romanian Plain (source ICEMENERG SA). One of the most relevant examples is that, if we would exploit the full solar potential in our country, we could substitute by this form, around 50% from the volume of producing hot water or 15% for house heating. Studies show that with the solar weather conditions in Romania, a solar heat collector works, in normal conditions in the period from March until October, with a yield ranging between 40% and 90%.

3. Romania has a very high biomass energy potential. Romania could cover 89% of the heat for heating the homes in rural areas and this only with the consumption of vegetal waste.

4. At present, Romania’s hydropower potential is exploited at a rate of 48%. In Romania, the main rivers' hydropower potential is around 40000 GWh / year, which can be obtained in large hydro power arragements (>10 MW / hydro unit ) or low power ( <10 MW / hydro unit).

5. In Romania, the temperature of the hydro sources, has between 250oC and 600oC (in deep waters), geothermal energy and the average temperature ranges from 600oC temperatures up to 1250oC (mesothermal waters). Geothermal reserve with current service opportunities in Romania is about 167,000 toe (7000x106 GJ / year). Equivalent amount of energy produced and delivered to the operating head of the probe is about 30 171 thousand (1.326x106 GJ / year), with an average grade of 22.3% annual guide.

6. Largest population in S-E Europe: aprox 20 millions people.

7. Largest country, in the S-E Europe: 238.391 km square, located at the crossroads between East and West, making the connection between Europe and Asia. Coverage for the production of renewable energy: less than 15% of capacity.

8. The biggest agricultural area in S-E Europe and 5th in size from all Europe: 41% arable land, pastures 21%, 29% forests, hydropower potential of approx. 12 000 MW, currently operated at a rate of approx. 50% of capacity.

9. About 80 percent of the buildings are old, most of them built before 1989, which claim both construction development and renovations of the existing buildings.

10. Favorable legislations for investors.

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