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GRUNDFOS Pompe Romania: Bronze Sponsor

 GRUNDFOS Pompe Romania will held the presentation "The most efficient engines in the world marked IE5", within the Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Conference in June 21-st, 2017 in Bucharest at the RoEnergy South East Europe International Tradea Fair.

The new MGE engines from Grundfos have the highest class and can be marked as IE5, the highest energy efficiency in the world.
Reliable, customized and efficient. Three words that explain the Grundfos MGE engines. Since their launch in 2013, the engines have set the standard in their class. They were able to exceed IE4, and IE5 is now the world's highest level of energy efficiency for electric motors according to the EN 61800-3 standard.
MGE engines contain the smartest components that allow them to adapt to working conditions, resulting in lowering the power consumption. Also, the synchronous engine with permanent magnet and the high-efficiency frequency converter put them in the top.
The IE5 level was obtained by all MGE engines from the range, starting from 0.75 to 11 kW, being available from January 1-st, 2017.
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