News » It was approved the Amending Law 220/2008

It was approved the Amending Law 220/2008

In  30-th March 2017, The Romanian Government approved the draft Emergency Ordinance amending Law 220/2008.
The main amendments brought by EGO will be:
  • removing the validity period of only 12 months for the green certificates. Basically, these will be valid for the entire period of the support scheme operation, until 2032.
  • the mandatory quota for purchase destined to electricity suppliers will be replaced with a new mechanism, i.e. the static GC amount, which will be reviewed every two years by ANRE and which aims to create a balance between consumers and producers.
  • creation of anonymous platforms for trading renewable energy sources and green certificates on centralized trading electricity markets so that both large and small producers and suppliers be able to be positioned in the market.
  • according to the new EGO, the renewable energy producers will pay the profit tax only at the time of the GC trading, and not when they register them in their accounts, as per the old legislation.
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