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Why Bucharest, Romania

Prosumers Predict The Energy Revolution In Romania
The authorities finalized the Grant Program Guide that subsidizes the photovoltaic panels installation for the homeowners who wishes to become small electricity producers ( Prosumers ).
According to the subsidy program, Romanian state will cover 90% from an investment of about 4,600 euros for those who would like to install photovoltaic panels with a power of 3 kW on their home roofs’ or in their yard.
The energy produced in the residential systems will be then delivered into the national grid for a fee based on concluded contracts with distributing companies at an established price by the ANRE.
According to the authorities, over € 100 million will be allocated for this program.
Analysts estimate by taking in consideration the Romanians' appetite for real estate and latest technology, along with rising prices to energy, that the emergence of prosumers will generate a real Energy Revolution.
In this context, the 8th edition of the RoEnergy Bucharest Trade Fair, held on April 17 - 19, 2019, at Rectorship UPB, Splaiul IndependenĊ£ei, 313, is the most representative sustainable energy business platform from Romania, No.1, where all the involved players along with the professional association, authorities and the media will attend.


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